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"In my emerging practice, I allow myself to be led by the limits of the material I am working with. I tend to push beyond the boundaries of the scale of the human body and delve into larger sculptural forms. I have long been interested in reconsidering the value and aesthetics of everyday objects. Influenced by my hypersensitivity and the ASMR phenomenon, my central theme has become tactility and an intuitive world of fantasy and associations. I don't distinguish between the value of materials that are considered low profile or precious. Instead, I choose them based on their ability to deliver a message or their technical characteristics. I am drawn towards softness and weirdness, but at the same time, I gravitate towards spiky, semi-fictional creatures. Since childhood, I have been drawn to collecting strange objects. When I work, I feel like an archaeologist and scientist, discovering creatures and exploring ways in which they can coexist with the human body.
I aim to excavate from my soul all the peculiar creatures that can happily live in symbiosis on the human body. Although my use of materials is wide, the pieces I create lately have
a common basis: living features, with a creepy crawlies-like vibe."

Barbora Lexová is the fourth generation of women from the family who studied at Prague's Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design. She decided to continue her family legacy and dedicate her life to art. Although she decided to study jewellery, Barbora tries to approach each task comprehensively. She sets no limit to the media or size of the objects and isn't afraid to cross the boundaries of the discipline. Experience with the material is an essential part of her work. She has long been interested in reconsidering the value and aesthetics of everyday objects. Her central theme is tactility and how surroundings can affect us. She now finished her master's degree in Jewellery at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.


Intern at Galeria Reverso, Portugal

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp– Jewellery design & gold-silversmithing, MA

Oslo National Academy of Arts– internship

UMPRUM– Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, K.O.V.
(Concept–Object–Meaning) studio led by associate professor Eva Eisler, bachelor's degree, BA

Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University in Prague–Industrial design, one year


SIERAAD Art Fair 2023


Designregio Kortrijk – WE ARE THE NEXT GENERATION

Malá Noc Módy

Postpost Gallery – Vykopávky

Master degree group exhibition GET IN TOUCH, Antwerp, Belgium

"What a Wonderful World" – Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

ArtSafari 37: SLEEP, BUBEC

Vyšeart 2021


Marzee Gallery, Nijmegen – “On the Road Eva Eisler&Alumni“


Designblok – “On the Road Eva Eisler&Alumni“


Muzeum Portheimka – Meda 100


Galerie UM– Design Treat Café



Czech International Award for Student Design 2019- nominee, category– clothing, footwear, jewellery


Jewellery for Museum Portheimka (Museum of glass), MEDA 100–4th place, Pearl necklace

Olověný Dušan 2017 (Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University in Prague) – Design category, dustpan and broom FORM 165


Teendesign 2015– 3rd place in category Drawing, painting, graphic–an international competition for students

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