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exhibition on the road with support of Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic

The Žouželení project explores the role and importance of playfulness and humor in adult life, presenting playfulness as an effective tool for self-discovery and coping with the challenges
of everyday life. In the year 2023, it had an opportunity to present itself at international fairs dedicated to contemporary jewelry and applied art.

One of the international showcases for the Žouželení project was the Sierrad Art Fair in the Netherlands. In the second half of the year 2023, the focus shifted to Contemporania, formerly known as Joya Barcelona. This event is intended for both the general public and professionals
in the field. The jury selects artists based on high artistic quality, the use of new technologies,
and experimentation with new materials. The transformation of Joya Barcelona led to the creation of a new format called Contemporania Barcelona, and its first edition took place this September. What makes these events truly exceptional is the convergence of artists not only from Europe
but also from America and Asia.

The exchange of ideas, techniques, and cultural influences created a melting pot of artistic expression. Žouželení found its place among the international artistic community, establishing connections that transcend geographical boundaries. The project's success at international showcases reaffirms our commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and fostering a global dialogue through contemporary jewelry and applied art.

The journey of Žouželení was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
and the enthusiasm of art enthusiasts worldwide.

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