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absorbing subjective feelings of bliss and enjoyment triggered by sensory

stimuli while engaged in interaction

Touch has been one of my key senses and tools for learning, exploring, and inspiration.
My hands have been my eyes. I have been seeking extra sensory input ever since I was little.
I want to express that desire and incarnate spontaneous feelings through my jewellery.

I create pieces for interaction, and I am bringing a sense of ridiculousness and silliness into adult life. The objects become oddly familiar because of mass-produced materials and simple repetition and accumulation. They trigger the intuitive world of fantasy and associations.


The feeling of losing track of time during the interactions with the pieces takes back our inner child and recalls memories of endless play. Once we grow up, we might feel that we have to suppress our natural playfulness and start to behave appropriately. However, by doing that,
we lose the most authentic expression of our individuality and become inflexible and stereotyped without a sense of irony and lightness.


Therefore, I hope that Žouželení allows you to again be open to serendipity and enjoy

the unexpected and encourage the unfettered kid in you.

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