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The installation embodies the phenomenon of ASMR, which has recently seen
an increased search interest and has become an integral part of life and a way of calming down for many and providing a safe space after the difficult period of the pandemic.
The seemingly endless almost sacral space for contemplation creates an environment suitable for experiencing the feelings of melting in time, which is characteristic of ASMR. The space's aesthetics follows from the DIY houses under the table and in the room, which the children build and create their own space that suits them. The central soft armchair made of an upcycled mattress without an internal structure comfortably hugs the visitor
and allows him to sway gently. Thanks to the materials used, dimmed lighting and the overall softness of the space, one begins to feel safe, almost like in the mother's womb. There is also a complementary ASMR recording to listen to, which captures a gentle caress that may remind the listener of the soft murmur of the sea. 
The installation is supplemented with sensory textile objects.

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