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bronze double gold-plated ring (18K gold)


Hi stranger, I, the ring, or call me whatever you want, was born as a Virginia creeper; then, I had to adjust to different angles to survive during my crawling around a metal fence. Thanks to that, I have reached a fascinating shape that caught the eye of my discoverer. The casting process in bronze captures my life journey. I got a gold-plated coat to enjoy my new life as an additional gift. 


Since I am bronze inside and have two 18K gold plating on me, I must be treated with care to provide a long life. I‘m not too fond of a sport or activities that produce sweat; I am not a fan of water. So I will not help you clean the house either. I prefer to be placed in a jewellery box overnight and when not worn. I want to have fun with you for as long as possible!

REVA_harvest season 1