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Unveiling those beneath the surface, waiting for their moment

As the climate changes and new conditions emerge, the layers of the earth are melting away, unveiling the creatures that once inhabited this land. They are highly adaptive and will coexist with humans. After centuries of human dominance on Earth, new species will emerge, utilizing human bodies as their habitat, forming symbiotic relationships for mutual benefit. Water has been the natural environment for these creatures, and since the human body consists of 70% water,
it becomes an attractive host for them. There's a sense of relief in realizing that the next species will inherit the planet alongside or after us, ensuring the continuity of the form of life on Earth. Accepting these transitions brings a sense of peace. Don't be sceptical or saddened by the future and post-humanity; it's an ongoing evolution. The human era is brief, yet our ego clings to the illusion of permanence. 

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